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Jazz Party Hire…Your party specialists!

Mackay’s newest team of party experts have arrived and they cater for your every need, however mischievous or decadent they may be!

All New Equipment

• Jukeboxes/Karaoke - HUGE RANGE of MUSIC - UPDATED REGULARLY       
• Frozen Cocktail Machines - With Premium Cocktail Mix or Slushie Mix
• Chocolate Fountains - With Belgian Couverture Chocolate
• Coffee Machine (Fully Automated with Real Coffee Beans)
• Popcorn Machine (Cinema Style)
• Party Lights - Free with Jukebox Hire
• Smoke Machines
• Outdoor Gas Heaters

Jazz Party Hire is your total party solution, delivering to Mackay and surrounding districts. Whether you want to go all out or just need some basics, our team of party professionals have all you need!

No running around, no hassle… Call us now and get your party started!

Call Jazz Party Hire on 4953 1303
any day until 8pm